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What is ProbioticVita?

Probiotics with vitamins for healthy teeth and mouth: Naturally-flavored chewable probiotic tablets that replenish beneficial bacteria in the mouth, restore a balanced oral environment, provide immune support, and nourish teeth and gums with essential vitamins & minerals. An excellent addition to your oral hygiene routine, ProbioticVita Dental Health freshens breath, provides multiple symptom relief, and helps maintain good oral hygiene, and promotes preventive oral health.

How does it work: Introduce ProbioticVita Dental Health chewable tablets at the source. Active colonization capabilities destroy bad bacteria and establish probiotic strains as beneficial population. Vitamins & minerals enhance immune defense and provide nutrition for probiotics to thrive.

How does it help - Powerful relief from oral health symptoms
• Targets and eliminates bad breath (halitosis) from bacteria residing on tongue & back of the throat
• Reduces tongue coating & relieves painful condition of Dry Mouth while soothing the skin of the mouth
• Improves your smile by reducing plaque buildup and staining of teeth
• Helps fight gum swelling & bleeding and breakdown of taste buds causing loss of taste (commonly due to fungal infections)
• Ideal for children with orthodontic braces and individuals with dental implants

Use daily and observe the ProbioticVita difference in just 30 days!
Innovative blend of probiotics & vitamins • Quality ingredients that are dentist formulated and scientifically supported • Natural sugar-free flavor with a refreshing taste

This product is proudly made in USA to be 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, hypo-allergenic, and non-GMO. Product is tabletized using LiveBac technology for longer shelf-life potency and performance.

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