What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial live microorganisms that are generally found in the human body. They are often referred to as “good bacteria”, “helpful bacteria”, or "beneficial bacteria." These helpful bacteria create a healthy environment for the body to stay well & away from diseases and function optimally. They fight the disease-causing bad bacteria to keep us from falling sick.

The human body has trillions of these probiotic bacteria that help us stay healthy, energetic, and vibrant.


An Evolution in Oral Health

The most popular application of probiotic bacteria has been the maintenance of gut (or gastrointestinal) health. Gut probiotics enter the mouth as the entry point and continue to the digestive tract. 

A healthy gut begins with a healthy mouth. Poor oral health allows bad bacteria to travel from the mouth to the gut & many organs.

Following the growing body of research and product availability, there is increased awareness of the beneficial effects and significance of oral & dental probiotics. There is recognition that improvements in oral health lead to better overall health in the gut and connected organs, thus reducing the chance of disease.


Where does bad bacteria thrive? What are its effects?

Bad bacteria harbor themselves on four common places in the mouth:

• Surface of the tongue, from the tip to the back of the throat
• Areas of plaque build up
• Surface of teeth & roots
• Gums and inner skin

One of the first symptoms of bad bacteria's overgrowth in the mouth includes bad breath. As the population of such bacteria increases, the rate of growth becomes faster. They begin to outnumber good bacteria, giving rise to oral diseases & conditions that are undesirable and painful.


How does Dental ProbioticVita work?

Building upon the advantages of probiotic bacteria, Dental ProbioticVita improves oral health and oral hygiene, reduces symptoms of painful oral conditions, and creates a healthy & balanced oral environment.

1. Introduce Dental ProbioticVita chewable tablets at the source.

When you chew the unique blend of potent dental probiotics that are formulated with multivitamins and minerals and allow it to dissolve in the mouth, you gain the benefit of all three ingredients. This chewable tablet starts working immediately at the source and delivering the benefits of probiotic technology. This product is carefully formulated to improve the health of your mouth and restore it to a healthy state. Daily use of Dental ProbioticVita is recommended to maintain symptom-free oral health and treatment of bad breath. 

2. Active colonization capabilities of probiotic strains take effect.

By being present in its natural habitat, the good bacteria rapidly competes with bad bacteria for nutrients and space and establishes itself as a beneficial population. Unique bacteriolysin features of clinically-proven S. Salivarius help to destroy cell walls of harmful microbes or bacteria, displace them from their binding sites, and provide nutrition to oral structures such as teeth, tongue, and skin inside the mouth. Good bacteria also help in providing better pH for improved oral health.

3. Vitamins & minerals provide support for probiotics to thrive and overall immune defense.

Restored and repopulated microbial population is naturally balanced in favor of better breath, healthy teeth, gums, sinus, and throat. Vitamins and minerals nourish and improve the health of the tongue, gums, the inner skin of the mouth and ligaments around the roots to better support the teeth. They improve jaw bone, provide immune support against various disease conditions, and facilitate an environment for the probiotic bacteria to thrive.


Your confident smile is a direct reflection of a healthy mouth, supported by Dental ProbioticVita.