The only oral probiotic supplement with vitamins.

An excellent addition to your oral hygiene routine, ProbioticVita cures bad breath, provides symptom relief from dental pain, and helps maintain good oral hygiene, and promotes preventive oral health. It is scientifically researched and proven to benefit all age groups including children.




  • Freshens Breath: ProbioticVita is a treatment for bad breath. Bad breath is a result of volatile sulfur compounds being released by the over- growth of bad bacteria that thrive in the presence of tongue coating. Zinc content in ProbioticVita immediately works to neutralize unpleasant gasses in your mouth while the orange-peppermint and peppermint flavors improves breath.  ProbioticVita's potent bacterial strains target and eliminate the sulfur releasing bad bacteria to cure bad breath and eventually an improved sense of taste resulting from a cleaner and healthier tongue.
  • Reduces Plaque Buildup: Abundance of helpful bacteria in ProbioticVita along with a hydrated oral environment reduces the buildup of plaque on teeth to make your mouth feel fresh and clean. Reduced plaque prevents teeth staining and minimizes swollen and bleeding gums.
  • Improves Gum Health: ProbioticVita's nutritional vitamins help gums and inner lining of the mouth stay healthy. Better gum health extends the longevity of teeth and shields against gum disease. Healthy gums surrounding strong bone structure are especially helpful among children and adults with orthodontic braces and dental implants.
  • Fights Tooth Decay: Specific bacteria within ProbioticVita controls the pH balance of your mouth to prevent bad bacteria from colonizing the surface of teeth and their roots, which is often accelerated by the presence of plaque. This less acidic, favorable pH helps tooth enamel and the surrounding structures avoid decay & loss of bone, tissue, and teeth.
  • Restores Oral Microbial Balance: Chewing a ProbioticVita tablet releases beneficial bacteria to tilt the balance in favor of good bacteria, in your mouth. Vitamins released at the target site improves health of the gums as well as teeth & provides immune support & nourishment to oral tissue & beneficial bacteria.
  • Supports Immune System: ProbioticVita's clinically researched blend of proven BLIS K12 and BLIS M18, improve upper respiratory health along with the blend of 7 potent probiotic strains. Combining this potent probiotic blend with vitamins & minerals reinforces the healthy growth and nourishment of oral tissues to build immunity against bad oral diseases and to fight symptoms arising from the common cold, and sinus congestion.


Symptom Relief from Oral Conditions

Dry mouth
The lack of sufficient saliva leads to dryness in the mouth and a higher count of sulfur compound releasing bad bacteria. Dry mouth is quite often a side effect of medications and intensive treatment of certain diseases. ProbioticVita is a useful supplement to control the effects that follow – bad breath, poor taste, burning sensation of the tongue & inner skin, swollen gums, and chapped corners of the mouth & lips.

Canker Sores
As painful ulcers on the tongue, palate, and the inner surface of the mouth, canker sores are caused by high stress, poor oral hygiene, or trauma. A common symptom starts as a burning sensation in the affected areas prior to the formation of the actual canker sore. They create high amounts of discomfort in talking and eating during its peak active phase. ProbioticVita works to give you canker sore pain relief by reducing the number and length of episodes by preventing the harboring of bad bacteria that permeates the ulcers.

Mucosal & Fungal Infections
While ProbioticVita does not prevent such disorders, it lessens the discomfort that is experienced with swelling, irritation, tongue redness, the breakdown of taste buds, and soreness in the mouth. ProbioticVita also helps to prevent future incidents by nourishing compromised structures.


Feel the Probiotic Difference in 30 Days


Feel the ProbioticVita Difference After Just 30 Days

#1 Dentist Recommended Probiotic


#1 Dentist Recommended Oral Probiotic Supplement



Better Check-Ups Next Time You Visit the Dentist

Promote regular oral hygiene by using ProbioticVita, and have great dental checkups. Accelerate the re-population of beneficial bacteria and extend the impact of regular cleanings after a professional prophylaxis.

For Best Results...

  1. Chew immediately after brushing, flossing, or tongue cleaning.
  2. Take at least one tablet every day. Take an additional ProbioticVita tablet for symptom relief.
  3. Drink water regularly to keep the oral environment hydrated.



Key Ingredients


BLIS - “Bacteriocin-like-inhibitory-substances” K12 and M18 secrete substance that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria by destroying them, inhibiting their growth and not allowing them to stick to the tooth surfaces or plaque. It also destroys specific bacteria S. Mutans that is responsible for respiratory tract infections such as common cold and strep throat. It also provides immune support against bacteria that cause ear and sinus infections.



This blend contains researched and documented 7 additional potent probiotic bacterial strains that are beneficial to the mouth. The specific strains are L. acidophilus, L. paracasei, L. reuteri, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, S. thermophilus, and L. sakei.



B6 and B12 help keeping gums and the inner lining (skin) of the mouth healthy, provides nutritional support and they are necessary nutrients for the mouth.



Vitamin D3 is responsible for promoting good bone health and by doing so provides stronger bone around healthy teeth.



Vitamin C gives immune support against colds and sinus infection.



Zinc provides immune support against common cold, but it also promotes healthier breath. It neutralizes bad-breath causing sulfur gases that are released as a byproduct of bad bacteria.


Best-in-Class Quality and Value. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

This product is proudly made in USA to be 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, and non-GMO. It uses LiveBac technology for longer shelf-life potency and performance. ProbioticVita is completely safe to use with normal oral hygiene products and practices. It has no known side effects or interference with prescribed medication.


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