Do You Suffer From Gum Disease And Plaque Build Up?

Gum disease, most commonly known as gingivitis, is a painful inflammation of the gums. In the beginning stages of gingivitis, bacteria in plaque buildup causes the gums to become inflamed. Gums will bleed due to common actions such as brushing the teeth.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Changes in hormones make gums more sensitive, allowing gingivitis to develop more easily. Illness also opens you up to the risk of developing gingivitis due to a compromised immune system. Medications can lead to side effects on your oral health such as dry mouth. Bad habbits such as smoking and bad oral hygiene can also lead to gum disease and plaque build up.

Untreated gum disease can lead to much more serious problems like periodontitis. Don’t let things escalate to this point. Instead, recognize and treat the issue before it gets too serious.

How Do I Fight Gum Disease and Plaque Build Up?

Once a day ProbioticVita is an oral, dental probiotic that starts fighting bad bacteria and plaque immediately. It keeps the bacteria in your gut healthy, and as a result keeps the rest of your body healthy too. These chewable tablets start fighting mouth bacteria at the source. Vitamins and minerals nourish and improve the health of the tongue, gums, the inner skin of the mouth and ligaments around the roots to better support the teeth. ProbioticVita also improves jaw bone health, provides immune support against various disease conditions, and facilitates an environment for the probiotic bacteria to thrive. Create and maintain exceptional oral health while eliminating bad breath with ProbioticVita.

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