Q: What are oral probiotics?

Oral or dental probiotics are beneficial bacteria that have targeted benefits when introduced in structures of the mouth such as teeth & bone, and tissues of the mouth like tongue, gums and skin. It also provides specific benefits against several oral conditions and symptoms.


Q: How are probiotics different than antibiotics?

Probiotics are bacteria that promote life. Probiotics promote health by competing with harmful bacteria and destroying them. Antibiotics are drugs that kill bacteria, both good and bad bacteria without any regard for loss of probiotics. It creates an imbalance that makes the body and mouth susceptible to attack by bad bacteria, formation of a new disease state, or presence of side effects. Probiotics are a natural defense whereas antibiotics are medicine that are intended for limited and specific use.


Q: How should I take ProbioticVita?

ProbioticVita should be taken once daily after brushing your teeth, flossing, and cleaning tongue. If you are suffering from symptoms of any kind then you can chew more than one tablet.


Q: What is the proper serving size of ProbioticVita?

The serving size of ProbioticVita is just one chewable tablet a day unless there is a need to chew one or two more tablets to get symptom relief. Children should be only given one chewable tablet.


Q: Can I take ProbioticVita with my medications? Will it interfere?

ProbioticVita can be taken with your medications since it is all natural and should not interefere with any medication. In case of doubt please consult your doctor. Pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking any probiotics.


Q: Can I feel ProbioticVita working in my body?

ProbioticVita should start working at the source immediately and you should notice the difference. To have sustained benefits in your mouth, use it regularly and make it a part of your daily oral hygiene routine.


Q: Can I give ProbioticVita to my children?

Yes. You may give one chewable ProbioticVita tablet to chilren over the age of 5. Children with orthodontic braces will certainly benefit and have fresher breath.


Q: If I am healthy, are there any benefits to probiotics?

Probiotics help everyone, even healthy individuals. It helps maintain a healthy state.


Q: Does ProbioticVita contain sugar?

No, ProbioticVita does not contain sugar. It contains only natural sweeteners.


Q: Are there any serious side effects to ProbioticVita?

There are no known side effects of ProbioticVita.


Q: Should ProbioticVita be taken every day?

Yes. ProbioticVita should be taken every day to get maximum sustained benefits.