Our vision is a world where oral probiotics are accessible and used by every person.

As dentists and hygienists, we have noticed the difference of dental probiotics being used for therapeutic and preventive purposes among our patients. We are eager to take on the challenge and responsibility of educating patients and consumers and help them achieve a healthier future.

Dentists routinely treat patients with bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay & tooth loss. We recommend adopting good oral health practices as a preventive measure. However, all too often, the overgrowth of bad bacteria not only worsens but often causes these dental & oral conditions.

Over the years, my patients have asked me if I could suggest a product that makes their dental situations better.

I found the answer in July 2014 when I fell sick on vacation. Lots of traveling created discomfort in my gut and I couldn't eat or sleep properly. My friend asked me to try probiotics, promising that I would be back on my feet the next day. And surprisingly, I was.

Probiotics helped me get better. They worked for my health, and at that moment, I realized that they could work for other people, too.

With the help of my dental colleagues and hygienists, we did extensive research to understand how to best improve oral health using probiotic bacteria and other essential ingredients. One important insight emerged. We discovered that benefits of most vitamins we consume originate from the gut. The question arose – What if we blended probiotics and vitamins together to deliver the most impact on the mouth?

The idea for ProbioticVita was born.

Our probiotics offer people an alternative & natural dental solution to avoid common oral diseases and disorders. Specifically, it doesn't involve the agnostic, kill-all-bacteria technique of antibiotics.

- Tushar Doshi, CEO and Founder


Enable every person to improve their oral health, by developing quality products and offering trusted support that is focused on best-in-class health outcomes and customer satisfaction.

About California Dentist Dr. Tushar Doshi, D.D.S.

As Founder and CEO, Dr. Tushar Doshi leads research and operational efforts. His 25+ years in dentistry and managing two successful practices in Los Angeles guides product development activities. As a recognized leader in the professional dental community in LA, Dr. Doshi works with fellow oral care professionals to bring awareness to and encourage usage of dental and oral probiotics.

"My goal is to offer credible and quality pathways for people like my dental patients to develop healthy lifestyles and pursue wellness of the whole body by supporting the health of the mouth."