Improving Dental Health One Tablet At A Time

Oral probiotics can have a large impact on your oral hygiene and dental health. The use of oral probiotics in the dental industry is very underutilized. Oral probiotics like Probioticvita, help to restore oral microbial balance, freshen breath, reduce plaque build up, improve gum health, and fight tooth decay. Because the tablets are chewable, they start working the second that they reach your mouth. Once the probiotic has coated your mouth, it begins to fight bacteria and disease in your mouth, and then the probiotic will work its way through your body to promote gut health as well. Most probiotics start at the gut and work their way up, but Probioticvita starts in your mouth and works its way down to your gut. Oral probiotics work in many different ways to improve oral health.

Alter Their Environment

Chewable probiotics immediately get to work in your mouth by fighting bad bacteria to create a more healthy environment in the mouth. This means killing the bacteria that is known to cause bad breath on any surfaces in your mouth and replacing it with good bacteria. This also means reduced inflammation of the gums, because the probiotic coats the gums to fight bacteria currently causing problems and preventing new bacteria from breaching the gums. The chewable oral probiotic fights plaque on the teeth, and it coats the teeth to stop and prevent tooth decay.

Start gaining the optimal oral and gut health that you deserve today! Try once a day chewable tablets from Probioticvita.