Oral Probiotics vs Foods Containing Probiotics

Probiotics are crucial to helping your body function the way that it should, and having optimal health. Probiotics provide good bacteria to balance out the health of your body. The good bacteria replace bad bacteria that may be lurking in your body and your mouth to provide better health. Getting the right amount of probiotics can be hard at times. Sure, you can get probiotics from eating foods like yogurt, milk, sauerkraut, and miso soup. Eating foods like this on a daily basis is easier for some than others. While eating these foods in larger quantities will take care of your probiotic needs, the probiotics found in these foods will not have the improved dental effects that an oral probiotic like Probioticvita would!

Probioticvita works from your mouth down to your gut. It offers the same probiotic effects that any of the previously mentioned foods hold, and more. Probioticvita is a once a day, minty chewable tablet that starts fighting bacteria in your mouth the second it hits your tongue. The tablet disperses throughout the mouth to fight plaque, bad breath, gum inflammation, canker sores, and any other health issues you may be facing due to bad oral health. Probioticvita fights all of these dental issues and prevents them from reoccurring in the future. Once down in your mouth, the probiotics will work their way down to your gut to balance out the bacteria in your gut for easy digestion. So put down the yogurt, and pick up a bottle of Probioticvita today!