What is the Difference Between Probiotics and Antibiotics?

Antibiotics and oral probiotics are both helpful in healing the body and fighting off unwanted bacteria, Oral probiotics replenish helpful bacteria in the body, like bacteria that helps you to digest food. Antibiotics on the other hand, fight off infections and viruses to return the body back to its healthy state.  The names of each translated the purposes of these pills. Anti means against, which makes sense since antibiotics are used to fight and kill  bad bacteria. Pro means for, which is exactly what probiotics do, they promote the life of good and healthy bacteria. Let take a look at the benefits of each of these opposing treatments:


When your digestive system gets off track, probiotics bring it back on track. If you are suffering from trouble with digestion, diarrhea, infections, skin problems, cold sores, or bad breath your body could be screaming out for help. Oral probiotics are an effortless way to help to treat all of these health issues by helping to grow good bacteria in our bodies to fend off the bad bacteria that causes all of those symptoms. All of these symptoms can be set off by a number of life factors including lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, and using antibiotics.


Antibiotics are in it to win it. They kill off all bacteria - good and bad - to eliminate infection and disease. They are perfect when you are trying to kick a cold, sinus infection, or a case of strep throat. Antibiotics, while good for fast relief, can also cause side effects or be uneffective on the bacteria due to your body’s immunity to certain medicines.

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