Ways to Treat Bad Breath

Brush and Floss

Brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis as well as throughout your day is a great way to keep your oral hygiene up. It eliminates any remnants of lingering food and temporarily fights bad breath.


Using mouthwash is another way that is prevalently known for fighting bad breath. Mouthwash does kill bacteria and also temporarily eliminates bad breath! Using mouthwash on a regular basis keeps your mouth smelling minty and fresh

Tongue Scraping

The top of your tongue can house smelly bacteria. Get rid of them with a tongue scraper or by scraping your tongue with your toothbrush

Dental ProbioticVita

All of these are great ways to treat bad breath, but can any of these actually prevent bad breath? If you want to say goodbye to bad breath for good, prevent the problem rather than just finding temporary fixes. Dental ProbioticVita is a natural health probiotic that fights and kills the bacteria that causes bad breath. Bad breath ultimately begins with the bacteria in your gut. A healthy gut leads to all around better health. Taking an oral probiotic like Dental ProbioticVita begins fighting bacteria the second it hits your mouth. This chewable tablet has been proven to destroy harmful bacteria in the mouth that tend to hide near the gums, on the surface and roots of teeth, on the tongue, and in the throat. Dental ProbioticVita also supports gut help along with all major organs leaving to a better overall immunity defense. Order your Dental ProbioticVita today and eliminate bad bacteria and bad breath!