Canker Sore Pain Relief

The Problem

Canker sores are always an unwelcomed guest. These painful sores always seem to arrive at the most inconvenient times and hold true to their name by causing soreness in the affected tissue of the mouth. They are triggered by stress, tissue injury, and acidic foods such as fruits and vegetables. Canker sores can also come with additional symptoms including fever, physical sluggishness, and swollen lymph nodes. Those who suffer from canker sores are always looking for the quickest and most efficient ways to get rid of them.

The Solution

Dental ProbioticVita is an oral, dental probiotic that promotes mouth and gut health. It is an easy chewable tablet, taken by mouth once a day that fights bacteria. Most bacteria makes its way into your body through your mouth. A healthy gut begins with a healthy mouth. Poor oral health allows bad bacteria to travel from the mouth to the gut and other organs. Dental ProbioticVita stops bad bacteria in its tracks by killing it and replacing it with good bacteria. It relieves the pain of canker sores and cures them quickly by killing the bacteria that houses them. This will also prevent you from getting more canker sores in the future.

Fight back and cure your canker sores and other dental pain with a once a day oral probiotic! ProbioticVita also improves breath instantly! Order your PDental ProbioticVita and be on your way to better oral hygiene and health today!