Good Choices (Bad Choices)

Food is a major portion of most people's lives and the bacteria that live in your mouth are critical to overall health. Food can contribute to a good foundation of the beneficial bacteria in your mouth. That being said, food is only the first line of defence for good oral health. In order for complete protection a supplemental oral probiotic such as Dental ProbioticVita is advisable for maximum benefits

Good Choices

It really matters what you put in your mouth and those choices can affect a person’s overall well-being, not to mention the fact that oral health will eventually suffer. From the time we are children, we learn about proper oral hygiene and the food that will contribute to overall health. We all know that candy and soft drinks are a bad idea in the long run but most of us allow ourselves to indulge. Choices such as fruits a vegetables are clearly better but prevention can reduce the risks associated with indulging in unhealthy eating. If you are going to make a bad choice follow it up with a good one. Most of us realize that after a meal, the best thing you can do is brush your teeth.

Bad Choices

Another choice that can drastically affect oral health is tobacco use, be it smoking or smokeless tobacco. It is well documented that tobacco use is responsible for not only cancer risk but tooth loss and bad breath. Quitting tobacco is an important step for overall as well as oral health.

A daily preventative regimen with Dental ProbioticVita is essential for maintaining the beneficial bacteria in your mouth. Shop today and discover the feeling of ultimate oral health with Dental ProbioticVita.